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- Instant Driving Records (MVR)
- CDL Driver License Verification
- PSP Crash and Inspection History
- Driver License Monitoring
Employers are tasked with taking all reasonable steps, to show that their employees were properly hired. So, would your work site pass an EVerify-I9 audit and are you sure all of your employees are legally eligible to work? Are you hiring an employee that could be a potential threat to your employees? When you properly screen your employees, you are being proactive and fulfilling your due diligence requirements as it relates to hiring employees.

-I9 Verification (E-Verify)
-Criminal Background Check
-Employer Reference Check
-Personal Reference Check
-Other Checks Available
We are a well-respected company that has been in the employee background screening business for over two decades. Providing employers with the right online employee background screening tools, that has allowed employers to appropriately screen their employees.
Our services are made available to companies large and small, in all business sectors. Including manufacturing, medical, retail, staffing, financial, hospitality, airlines, food service, state and local governments, etc. Our online screening tools, provides employers the ability to verify information presented by the applicant during the hiring process.
Our screening tools verify employment eligibility, work history, criminal history, education, driver license check (MVR) status, etc. This results in employers being able to make informed hiring decisions based on the applicant’s abilities, skills, good moral character and truthfulness. If you have any questions please feel free to call our client support staff on our 800 number.